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Bioptic Low Vision Aids for the Visually Impaired

Ocutech VES®-K (3x, 4x)

Ocutech VES-K

The VES-K manual focus bioptic telescope offers Ocutech’s quality Keplerian optics, that provide a sharp edge-to-edge image and the widest field-of-view available in a small, light weight, and comfortable physical design. Users can wear the VES-K all day long.

The VES-K innovative bridge mounting design provides full control of critical telescope positioning, making it easy to demonstrate, fit and dispense. And, the VES-K is easy to re-adjust or to change carrier lenses at any time. The VES-K is a quality bioptic telescope in a truly a risk-free design. The VES-K is prescribed for the better seeing eye and can be adapted for just about any specific visual need.


Technical Specifications:

Power and field of view: 3x (12.5 deg) • 4x (12.5 deg)
Optical Design: Keplerian, monocular
Interchangeable for right
or left eye:
Focusing method: Manual rack and pinion
Closest near focus (at neutral): 3x: 7 inches
4x: 9 inches
Weight (telescope alone): 0.9 oz
Eyeglass frame options: Ocutech Metal frames only
Mounting method: Adjustable bridge assembly
Adjustment range: PD: monocular 26 to 36
TS angle: 15 degrees up, 7 degrees down
Refractive error correction method: Internal by focus +12/-12
Eyepiece corrections: Yes, Cylinders indicated above 3D
Eyepiece design: Round
Filter cap options: Yes
Reading cap options: Yes
Adjustable after assembly: Yes
Accessories: Slip-behind filters, Reading/filter cap
Warranty: Limited 2 year


• Available in 3x & 4x powers

• Wide field-of-view Keplerian optics provide edge-to-edge image sharpness

• Round eyepiece provides
easy viewing

• Focus to any distance

• Light weight and
comfortable to wear

VES Bridge Mounting System

The VES Bridge Mounting System provides complete control of eyepiece positioning.  The carrier lens is slotted to allow the eyepiece to extend through to maximize the field of view.

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