Keplerian System

VES II- Discontinued Repairs only

  • Ocutech VES-II tools and accessories

    Ocutech VES-II with custom filters, fitting tools and accessories

  • Ocutech VES-II in "Bottom Mount" position

    Ocutech VES-II in the "Top Position" showing the adjustment plate

  • Ocutech VES-II

    Ocutech VES-II is comletely adjustable and interchangeable for right or left eye

Details and Features

  • Wide-field Keplerian Optics
  • Available in 3x & 4x powers
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to fit and prescribe
  • Focuses to all distances
  • Multiple Prescribing options available
  • Slip-on filter and reading caps
  • Slip-behind filters
  • Fitting tools and mounting brackets

The improved version of Ocutech’s original optical design, the VES-II, available in 3x and 4x powers, offers sharp, wide-field Keplerian optics, convenient focusing, and light weight. Its fully adjustable mechanical mounting system makes prescribing a high quality bioptic system quick, convenient and readjustable. Attached to Ocutech’s specially designed plastic eyeglass frames, this modular system allows the prescriber to independently assemble the system making it convenient and popular throughout the world. It is recommended for individuals with moderate vision loss of 20/200 or better.