Keplerian System

VES Mini

Image of VES Mini
  • VES mini on silver demonstrator clip for prescribing

    VES Mini in Silver on Demonstrator Clip

  • Size comparison of traditional 3x Galilean with 8 degree field of view (left) compared to Ocutech 3x Mini with 15 degree field of view (middle), and 3x Expanded Field with 14 degree field of view (right)>

  • Close up of the Ocutech 3x VES Mini with focusing knob at the very front.

Details and Features

  • 3x, 15 degrees, Keplerian optics
  • The widest field of view ever!
  • Ideal for moderate vision loss of 20/150 or better
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Crisp, bright optics
  • Black and silver chassis color options
  • Focus to any distance
  • Focusing covers Rx from +/- 10D
  • Eyepiece corrections for high spherical and cylinder prescriptions
  • Prescribe for monocular, binocular and distance and near uses
  • Many frame options available

There is no smaller, lighter weight, wider field Keplerian bioptic than the Ocutech 3x VES-Mini. The VES-Mini is only half the size of traditional Keplerian telescopes, weighs less than an ounce, and focuses quickly to as close as 9 inches! It is prescribed in a traditional through-the-lens mounting design, and can be prescribed for one or both eyes. It’s available in both black and silver. It is very popular for bioptic driving and ideal for individuals with moderate vision loss of 20/150 or better.