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The Low Vision Service at Lissac Opticians Rivoli, Paris, France becomes France’s first authorized Ocutech Prescriber

Ocutech, Inc., the developer of state-of-the-art bioptic telescopes for the visually impaired, announces that the Low Vision Service at Lissac Opticians- Rivoli, Paris, France, has become France’s first Authorized Ocutech Prescriber. Established in 1936, Lissac Rivoli is one of Europe’s largest optical centers, with 6 floors and offering specialized services for children, adults, contact lenses […]

“It was a different life then”— says Bill McKenzie on his world without his Ocutech Bioptics

For Bill McKenzie, the old proverb “big things come in small packages” could not ring truer. It began when he received his first Ocutech bioptic telescope low vision aid. It was then that he could again enjoy the little things that he used to take for granted like watching TV or shopping— or the big […]

“It honestly felt like a dream”— How an Avid Explorer Got to See the World Again

Just six months ago, Alan Vosko experienced what he described as “as close to a miracle as I could ever imagine.” After losing all of his sight in his left eye and much of it in his right, he was again able to see the sunsets and palms trees and his niece’s hockey games– blessings […]

“They’re an Eye-Changer, Quite Literally”— How an Ocutech Bioptic changed the life of a new father.

When Luis Angel Aponte’s daughter was born, there were new realities he and his wife knew they would have to face together. Most of them are common to all new parents, but some were especially relevant to Angel and his wife, Nicole. Born with a visual impairment due to cataracts and nystagmus, Luis knew that […]

Battery Belt Clips Now Available

When we were getting ready to release the Falcon in late 2018, we tested many different batteries to find one with stable power output (they’re not all of equivalent quality) and that had a belt clip to make them easier to wear. We finally found one that we liked and ordered a sufficient quantity for our expected sales for the first two years. The vendor promised us that the battery would not be discontinued and that we would always be able to order more. 

We are pleased to say that orders for the Falcon exceeded our expectations and we ran out of batteries sooner than we had planned. And, as you might have expected, the battery we selected was no longer available. We did find a dependable replacement battery (who knows how long this one will be available), but it came without a belt clip. 

So, now we have finally found a self-adhesive belt clip that can be attached to the battery. All future Falcon orders will include an unattached belt clip that you or your patient can apply themselves (easy instructions included). If you have patients using batteries without a clip who would like one, please let us know and we’ll mail one to them directly to save you the effort. Just specify whether they would prefer a white or black color.

Here’s an Amazon link to the velcro tabs we use, though they can be found on other sites and often also in crafts and fabric stores.  Click here->