Who Can Bioptics Help?

Ocutech bioptic low vision aids can help individuals with central vision loss who have difficulty seeing clearly even with their best eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.
When my daughter was entering the 5th grade we found out about Ocutech and the bioptic lenses. When she returned to school after the Christmas break that year, she was a new student!!! Her grades went from C's to A's and her enthusiasm for learning shot through the roof!!Susan Evans

Can Ocutech Bioptics help me?

If you can answer YES to these 4 questions than an Ocutech Bioptic telescope may be helpful to you.

  • Is your vision loss due to macular degeneration or a similar disorder that causes a loss of central, detail vision?
  • Is vision in the better eye with your best eyeglass prescription (if used) 20/300 (6/90) (0.07) or better?
  • Can you read headlines on a newspaper?
  • Can you watch TV or recognize people’s faces from further than 2 feet away?

Ocutech Bioptics can help people of all ages

Senior citizen using Ocutech Sport bioptics to view items in a pharmacy

Seniors who have developed macular degeneration, macular holes, diabetic retinopathy or optic atrophy likely enjoyed normal vision until later in their adult years. They may first notice difficulty reading small print, and needing to move closer to recognize friends and family or to watch television. Social events may become less enjoyable. Bioptics can help you to see much clearer and further away, bringing you almost normal vision.

Young adult female using Ocutech Explorer bioptics to read items in a grocery store

Adults with acquired or congenital vision loss who are pursuing their careers need to maximize their potential to be independent. This often includes the more demanding environments of higher education, addressing independent travel needs, seeing in the work place, connecting with friends and colleagues in both vocational and social settings. Bioptics may also allow individuals to drive!

Young boy using Ocutech SightScope bioptics to read books in a library

Children who are born with visual impairments may have never known normal vision. Their visual world may not extend much further than a few feet away, and, as a result it may be difficult for them to fully engage in important childhood socialization activities. Problems seeing the front of the classroom in school can make academic success more challenging. Socialization, which requires the ability to see at a distance for activities such as sports, drama, movies, TV, video games, and just “hanging-out” can make visually impaired children feel left out. Bioptics can help children engage with the world around them.

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