“They’re an Eye-Changer, Quite Literally”— How an Ocutech Bioptic changed the life of a new father.

When Luis Angel Aponte’s daughter was born, there were new realities he and his wife knew they would have to face together. Most of them are common to all new parents, but some were especially relevant to Angel and his wife, Nicole.

Born with a visual impairment due to cataracts and nystagmus, Luis knew that sitting behind the wheel of a car, driving his daughter to school, or play-dates, or family trips would not be part of his parental ‘job-description.’ “Sadly, driving because of my low vision was never something I had ever imagined myself doing,” he said. Many of what he saw as his ‘father-daughter’ roles would be the responsibility of his incredibly loving and supportive wife.

But with special telescopic glasses designed for individuals with visual impairments, Luis’ world has never been the same. Luis had put his faith into action and began to research what new technology was available to support his vision issues. In only a few Google searches he discovered Ocutech bioptic telescopes which held the potential for him to not only see better but also possibly make him eligible to get a driver’s license. He immediately contacted his low vision specialist, Dr. Andrea Zimmerman, at the Lighthouse-Guild Low Vision Clinic in New York City, and what happened next has changed his life!

Dr. Zimmerman prescribed an Ocutech VES-Explorer Bioptic telescope, a miniature telescope attached to eyeglasses that magnifies the image, just like binoculars, and which improved Luis’ vision to almost 20/20 when looking through it. “My new bioptics are so amazing, it can’t be put into words— they’re an eye changer, quite literally,” Luis passionately shared. “To everyone who has a visual impairment, I hope they know that they just have to push through, to stay positive, and to remind themselves there may be a way– that way, for me, was Ocutech.”

“A bioptic can be so impactful for individuals with vision impairments. Seeing at a distance can be important both emotionally as well as for one’s independence” said Dr. Zimmerman. “We’re thrilled that they have been so helpful for Luis.”

“Going from having no driver’s license because I could hardly see, to having almost 20/20 vision with my bioptic is huge,” Luis said. “When we realized that getting my driver’s license was possible, my wife and I looked at each other and thought… Not only would I actually be able to drive my daughter one day, but I’d also be able to teach her how to drive. That’s a reality I never thought I’d have. It brings a smile to my face. My Ocutech is what made it happen.”

Until now, not being able to see much at all made him need to learn how to cope with those challenges. He had to accept needing extra help from his teachers in school, needing his friends to describe what was going on around him, and leaning on his wife to support him through his almost daily frustrations with his eyesight. But now Luis cannot believe how much more of the world he can see with his bioptic– including his baby daughter Delilah’s smiles and giggles, and seeing everything going on in the park where she plays. “I feel so much more connected to her and my wife than I ever thought possible,” he said.

“I’ll never forget how my wife once stood across the street and asked if I could see her and I said no— and how she promised me she’ll do everything she could to show me her world,” Luis fondly remembered. “Now, with these amazing glasses, I can see my wife across the street— I can see her world— and that feeling is just indescribable… and exciting.” It also means being able to drive Delilah, his family and himself anywhere they want to go: his new freedom and new level of independence, he says, is exhilarating.

For more information about Ocutech bioptics and to determine whether you might be a promising candidate visit www.ocutech.com. Complete the self-assessment form at https://ocutech.com/self-assessment-form/ to receive a reply from Ocutech’s experts about your special situation.



Living Life Karina Fuentes Style: There is Always A Way of Helping.

Quick Note from the Author:
Wow! Let me just say that this is one of those stories that stuck with me; a constant reminder that the only things in life that we have control over are the choices we make for ourselves. After reading Karina Fuentes’ response to our Personal Story Questionnaire, I couldn’t wait to share her story with as many people as possible! So without further ado….

“The whole migration thing is such a struggle, it’s like we were back to zero.”

Karina was born with a visual impairment because she has Albinism. Until recently, the 22 year old lived in the Philippines where she was prescribed the Ocutech VES-Sport bioptic by her low vision specialist, Dr. Carmela Ongsiako. After finishing school two years ago, Karina and her mother migrated from the Philippines to the United States. “My Ocutech bioptic has been such a great help to me at school when I was studying.” In her home country, Karina used her bioptic and excelled in school. She attended the University of the East where she graduated with honors (Cum Laude) and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In addition to being smart and driven, Karina is a talented and passionate writer – she has an online presence where many of her poems, song lyrics and short stories have been published. Oh, and did we mention that she can sing too? Karina is an avid choir member and featured soloist. 

Karina talking about her time at the Braille Institute of America:

“I have learned a lot from that wonderful community” After movng to the United States, Karina was an intern at the Braille Institute of America. Currently, she works as a full-time receptionist and uses her bioptic daily for clerical tasks that require a significant amount of reading. Karina prefers her Ocutech bioptics over other devices such as hand-held magnifiers because of the versatility and efficiency that comes with the ability to seamlessly move between viewing an object up-close and at a distance, such as reading a book and then looking up at a computer screen. “I do a lot of clerical tasks that require me to read a lot and my device Ocutech Sport has been a really big help for me to do my job well.” 

Karina talking about the lessons she’s learned:

  • One very important thing that I have learned recently, is that you have to keep on looking for ways to innovate or improve yourself and your capabilities, learning and growing should NEVER stop.
  • Even if you have limitations – such as someone who is visually impaired, you can still do so many things that those without physical impairments can do. There are many resources available, people who care and people willing to help.
  • If you have a disability, you are also capable of helping others who need assistance. When people see a visually impaired person striving to be better and do better, it is a source of inspiration in and of itself. And that is another way of helping. 🙂