Diagnostic Kits

Ocutech offers special pricing on Diagnostic Kits which will allow the low vision specialist to demonstrate Ocutech Bioptic products to their patients. Contact Ocutech to discuss your specific needs.

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Ocutech Bioptic Starter Kit

Includes the 3 most frequently prescribed Ocutech Bioptics.

These 3 devices will likely cover 80% of your patient prescriptions.

  • 4x Sport-II
  • 3x Explorer
  • 2.2x SightScope (on demonstrator clip)
  • 1 pair +2 SightScope Reading Caps

Ocutech Sport-II Diagnostic Kit

  • Available in 4x, 5x, and 6x powers
  • Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 power kits

Ocutech Explorer Diagnostic Kit

  • Single Kit: Specify 3x or 4x power mounted on frame
  • Double Kit: Includes both 3x and 4x powers on frames

Ocutech VES- Mini 3x Kit

  • Mounted in trial ring: specify bioptic or full diameter position
  • Mounted on demonstrator clip

Ocutech SightScope Diagnostic Kit

  • Full Kit: 1.7x and 2.2x on Demo clips, 2.2x on frame
  • 2.2x Kit: 2.2x on Demo clip, 2.2x on frame
  • Single demo clip: Specify 1.7x or 2.2x power

Ocutech SightScope NearView Diagnostic Kit

  • Base telescope: 1.7x SightScope mounted on Sleek frame
  • Includes 4 pair of reading caps: +1, +1.5, +2, +3

Ocutech Field Expander (FE) Diagnostic Kit

  • Complete Kit: 0.5x FE monocular on demo clip, 0.5x Binocular on frame
  • Demo Clip: 0.5x FE Binocular on demo clip

Ocutech “Triple Bundle”

  • Double Sport-II Kit: choose any 2 powers
  • Full SightScope kit with pair +2 reading caps
  • 3x VES Mini on Demo clip

Ocutech Frame and Filter Sample Kit

  • 9 Ocutech metal frames in all 3 styles and colors
  • Samples of all 4 Slip-behind filter colors