Insurance Codes for
Low Vision Aids and Services

Important Insurance Information

HCPCS codes are required to submit healthcare claims for Medicare and other health insurance providers . For Ocutech Low Vision products the appropriate HCPCS code is:

V2615: Telescopic and other compound lens systems, including distance telescopic, near vision telescopes and compound lens systems.

E&M codes used for low vision professional services include:

  • Usually based on time, since >50% is spent counseling* the patient and in the coordination* of care.
  • Documentation required: see list of requirements below

E&M codes for new patients:

  • 99203 (30 mins)
  • 99204 (45 mins)
  • 99205 (60 mins)

E&M codes for returning patients:

  • 99213 (15 min)
  • 99214 (25 min)
  • 99215 (40 min)

Documentation Required:

* Counseling:

  • Eye condition, influence on functional vision, prognosis
  • Visual and/or non-visual strategies to support completion of daily tasks
  • Skills for use of low vision devices
  • Adjustment to visual disability

*Coordination of Care:

  • Local, state. and national services for individuals with visual impairments
  • Referrals to appropriate specialties: OT, PT, ST, Social Work, Mental Health, etc.
  • Ordering and provision of low vision devices and other support software, phone and computer applications

Additional Services:

  • 99354: For prolonged service
  • 92081, 92082, 92083: When visual fields or micro-perimetry are done
  • 92283: When D-15 color vision testing is justified
  • 92060: When a person has diplopia or other problem that requires measuring the ocular deviation in various fields of gaze
  • 92015: Refraction
  • 92015-22: Extended (complex) refraction