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Ocutech Accessories

Ocutech Telescopes can be tailored to suit the needs of individual patients to optimize their vision.

Slip-Behind Filters

Ocutech offers slip-behind filters that are designed to fit Ocutech’s 3 metal frame styles (K, U, Sleek).  They are available in 4 standard colors:

Polarized Gray, Polarized Brown, Polarized Blue-Blocker, Yellow (Amber).

They can be ordered with the filter covering the telescope eyepiece, or slotted so that the eyepiece is not covered by the filter.

Slip-behind filters are available in 4 standard colors: Polarized Gray, Polarized Brown, Polarized Blue-Blocker, Yellow (Amber).

Slip-behind filters can be ordered either unslotted so that the filter covers the telescope eyepiece or slotted to not cover the eyepiece.

NOIR Fitover Filters

Slotted to fit over Ocutech VES-K, Ocutech VES-Sport II, Ocutech VES Explorer, and Ocutech VES Falcon systems.  Available in all NOIR colors in the U and L NOIR frame styles.

NOIR Filter shown with customized slot cutout for Ocutech VES Systems

NOIR filters can be slotted for use with Ocutech VES K, Sport and Explorer systems

Filter Caps for Ocutech VES-Systems

Snap-on filter caps are available for the Ocutech VES K, Ocutech  VES Sport-II, Ocutech VES Explorer and Ocutech VES-Falcon bioptic systems.  Specify filter color (see Slip-Behind filter color choices above). Custom filter colors may be available by special order.

Snap-on filter caps allow customized control to maximize vision for the user.

Reading Caps for Ocutech SightScope Systems

Slip on and off Ocutech SightScope reading caps area available for 1.7x and 2.2x telescope systems. They all include base-in prism to provide binocular vision at near working distances. Reading caps are provided with a hard safety case. Available in +1D, +1.5D, +2D, +2.5D, +3D (higher powers are available by special order).

Ocutech SightScope reading caps showing 'nub' for proper position of the cap on the SightScope. The 'nub' goes toward the nose.

Demonstrator Clip Options

The easy way to attach Ocutech devices to your patient’s frame for demonstration purposes (not intended to be used as a prescription device) Available for: VES 3x Mini, InstaMount 2.2x TS, InstaMount 0.5x FE, all SightScope products.


Ocutech VES Mini in silver on demonstrator clip.

Ocutech Instamount 2.2X telescope mounted on demonstrator clip for testing purposes.


Ocutech SightScope 0.5X Fe for tunnel vision mounted on demonstrator clip.

Diagnostic and Sample Kits

 Diagnostic kits are available for individual products groups including the Ocutech VES Sport, Ocutech VES Explorer and the Ocutech SightScope as well as a frame and filter kit. Combination kits are also available that include Ocutech’s most popular products, including the Ocutech “Starter Kit.” Contact Ocutech for complete diagnostic kit options.


Ocutech VES Sport 2 Telescope Demonstrator Kit (Contact Ocutech to discuss all testing kit options)

Ocutech offers frame and filter sample kits

Ocutech Cases

Ocutech offers patient system cases, accessory cases, diagnostic kit cases, and frame sample cases. Adjustable neck straps and cleaning cloths are provided with each patient system order.


Ocutech zippered patient case (pictured with VES-Explorer)

Ocutech SightScope reading caps provide clear vision at near distances and includes a hard safety case.

Fitting Tools, Mounting Brackets and Hardware for Ocutech VES II