Video Transcript

Henry Greene: I’m often asked by patients whether they might be promising candidates for Bioptic Telescopes. There are 6 easy questions you might answer to help determine that.

Is your vision loss a result of Macular disorder? Such as Albinism, Macular Degeneration, Achromatopsia, Macular Holes or similar disorders?

If you are then you may be a candidate.

Is your visual acuity 20/200 or better?

Individuals with vision 20/200 or better usually respond quite well to telescopic magnification.

Can you read headlines on a newspaper?

Can you watch TV or recognize people’s faces from 2-3 ft. or further away?

When looking through a binocular, does that help your vision see better at a distance?

Are you interested in improving your vision to recognize people’s faces at a distance, see signs, watch TV or be engaged in the life around you?