Video Transcript

Thank you for your interest in the Ocutech VES-Mini. The Mini is Ocutech’s smallest and lightest Keplerian bioptic telescope and provides the widest field of view in the smallest size of any 3x device available today. This short presentation will share with you everything you need to know to fit, prescribe and order the VES Mini.

Ocutech’s innovative Keplerian optical design, called the Vision Enhancing System or VES, combines a telescope and a periscope together to create an ergonomically better designed device. The Mini provides the wide field of view of a Keplerian system without the heavier weight, poor balance, and the appearance issues characteristic of traditional designs.

The 3x Mini provides a very wide 15 degree field of view. It weighs less than an ounce and focuses quickly to as close as 7 inches using the focusing knob located at the very front of the device. It can be prescribed for one or both eyes and for distance or near. While the Mini will ultimately be mounted into the eyeglass lens, a convenient clip-on diagnostic system makes demonstrating the device quick and convenient, and makes all ordering decisions easy to determine. Focusing can be fixed in place with an optional set screw as shown in the bottom photo. It can be prescribed using Ocutech’s specially designed metal frames or appropriate frames provided by the prescriber.

To demonstrate the Mini simply clip it on to your patient’s eyeglass frame or any frame with plano lenses. Since the telescope is press fit into the clip it allows you to orient the device either horizontally or vertically and also to slide it in and out, to position the eyepiece as close as possible to the front of the eyeglass lens. When permanently installed through the eyeglass lens the field of view will be wider than that experienced when clipped to the front of the lens.

Demonstrating the VES-Mini requires just three simple steps; Once the telescope is clipped onto the eyeglasses, position it so that the bottom of the eyepiece aligns with the top of the pupil as shown in the top photo. Next, slide the Mini right and left until it is centered above the patient’s pupil.

Lastly, adjust the viewing angle of the Mini at the hinge to align it with the line of sight of the patient as shown in the bottom photo. Once you have determined the ideal position of the eyepiece, simply remove the glasses from their face, and using a millimeter rule, measure from the center of the eyepiece to the center of the bridge to determine the proper eyepiece position.

Once you have determined the proper monocular pupillary distance for the eyepiece, we suggest you simply order the eyepiece to be positioned 10mm from the top of the lens and at a 10 degree upward angle. Since the Mini is press fit into the carrier lens and is adjustable you will be able to fine-tune the vertex distance, the viewing angle, and the horizontal or vertical position of the telescope at the dispensing visit. Contact Ocutech for instructions for fitting and ordering the Mini for midrange and near distance applications.

Ocutech’s metal frames are available in 3 styles– the K, Unisex and Sleek. They are available in a full range of eyesizes and colors and with both skull and cable temple options. Even pediatric sizes are available. The eyesize of each frame is engraved on the left side of the center of the bridge as shown at the red arrow. Visit Ocutech’s website for the entire frame selection range. All Ocutech order forms contain the full frame range for your convenience. Ocutech sample frame kits are available at special pricing. All frames are provided with large nosepads and a head strap to help keep the systems firmly in place. Patients rarely have difficulty seeing everything they need to see when their visual acuity is 20/40. As a result, low vision experts often use 20/40 as their prescribing goal for acuity through the telescope. Prescribing a higher power telescope will yield a narrower field of view, which can make a bioptic telescope more challenging to use.

So, generally, the 3x Mini will be appropriate for individuals with best corrected distance visual acuity between 20/100 to 20/150. Ocutech has produced a convenient step-by-step bioptic prescribing worksheet to help you determine both the appropriate device, power and prognosis for your patient. Feel free to contact Ocutech to get a copy of this helpful form.

We recommend that you prescribe carrier lenses consistent with what your patient normally wears. We suggest that you consider a bifocal if they normally wear one. Be certain to provide at least 10mm from the bottom of the eyepiece to the top of the bifocal segment and at least 3mm from the top of the eyepiece to the edge of the lens. We suggest that you avoid trifocals and progressives as there is often insufficient room in the frame to provide adequate distance viewing area. Ocutech’s frame tech sheet lists suggested bifocal segment heights for all of its frames. If you’re not certain what to specify, just write “Standard” and Ocutech’s order department will know what to do.

Since the Mini has a very wide focusing range, most all distance refractive errors can be covered without an eyepiece correction. If during testing your patient is achieving the acuity goal you seek without an eyepiece correction, then it is not needed when you order the system. Eyepiece corrections should be considered with spherical refractive errors beyond + or – 12 or with cylinder above 3 diopters.

Many low vision patients benefit from illumination and contrast control to maximize their vision. Ocutech offers slip-behind sunfilters in 5 colors that match the shapes of all Ocutech metal frames. You can specify whether or not you want the telescope eyepiece covered by the filter. Filter caps that attach to the front of the Mini are also available.

To support the low vision specialist, Ocutech has developed convenient step-by-step order forms and clinical prescribing guides. Our very experienced technical support staff is also available to answer all of your questions.

Thanks so much for your interest in the VES-Mini. We invite you to contact us to learn more about Ocutech’s full line of telescopic low vision aids and our prescriber support programs.