An Ocutech Product

Reveal Lens System

Product Description

Ocutech’s Reveal through-the-lens Galilean telescopes use the same sharp, crisp optics as the InstaMount Series but are designed to be inserted through the carrier lens in the traditional manner. They can be prescribed for one or both eyes and can incorporate eyepiece correction lenses when required. They are intended for individuals with moderate central vision loss (20/100 or better) or with tunnel vision (5 degrees diameter or wider).

Feature List

  • Available in:
    • 0.5x Field Expander (FE) (Left photo)
    • 2.2x Telescope (TS) (right photo)
  • Exceptionally wide field of view
    • 0.5x FE= 50 deg monocular
    • 2.2x TS= 18 deg monocular
  • Crisp, bright optics
  • Small, lightweight, inconspicuous
  • Fixed-focus with broad depths of field
  • Easy to demonstrate, fit and prescribe
  • Convenient demonstrator Clip
  • Prescribe for one or both eyes
  • Eyepiece corrections
  • Choose Silver or Black Chassis
  • Use Ocutech or other sturdy frames
  • Slip-behind sunfilters for Ocutech frames
  • TS intended for mild vision loss of 20/100 or better
  • FE intended for tunell vision of 5 degrees diameter or wider