Which Ocutech Bioptic telescope version might be right for me?

Low vision specialists usually prescribe a bioptic telescope to provide 20/40 (6/12., 0.5) through the telescope and choose the optical design that will provide the widest field of view.

Ocutech’s Keplerian telescopes, called VES SystemSPORT-colorss, combine a telescope and periscope together to produce the widest field of view and sharpest edge-to-edge image possible in higher power devices.  They are available in 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x powers.

Ocutech’s Galilean telescopes, called SightScope Systems, are smaller and use less complicated optics. They are available in 1.7x and 2.2x powers and provide the widest fields of view possible in their power ranges.

If your vision with your best eyeglass prescription (if required) is: *

20/60 or Better

Between 20/60 and 20/80

Between 20/80 and 20/125

Between 20/125 and 20/200

Between 20/200 and 20/300

*Please note that the above telescope power suggestions serve only as starting point.  Your low vision specialist will help you to determine the appropriate device and power based upon your vision and needs.

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