An Ocutech Product

The SightScope nearview

Easy to use SightScope NearView Testing kit

details & features

Near vision telescopes for binocular and monocular magnification at natural working distances.

  • The SightScope NearView is easy, comfortable and convenient to use • Very wide field of view
  • Very broad depth of field
  • Natural depth perception
  • Great for table-top, music, computer and handcraft activities
  • Ideal for Visual Acuity of 20/100 (6/30) (0.2) or better
  • Flips out of the way for distance viewing
  • Easy to demonstrate, fit and prescribe with convenient testing kit:
  • Includes 4 sets of interchangeable near working distance lenses: 40″, 26″, 20″, 13″
  • Select the version appropriate for your patient
  • Prescription system comes with near-focus power permanently attached

Prescribing guide

The SightScope NearView is simple to prescribe and fit!

  1. Determine the desired working distance for the activity the user seeks to perform
  2. Select the “SightScope NearView” version that encompasses that working distance
  3. Prescribe the full distance eyeglass correction for lenses in the frame
  4. Choose the Ocutech Sleek eyeglass frame in either the small (50mm eye-size) or large version (53mm eye-size), available in silver and gunmetal colors. (The SightScope NearView is only available mounted to Ocutech’s specially designed Sleek frame)
  5. When positioning on the patient, adjust nosepads and slide each telescope right or left to center the each pupil within the telescope.
  6. Then separate each telescope slightly to maximize the field of view.
  7. Rotate the line of sight adjustment screw with the Allen wrench to align the optics with the line of sight of the user.