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Bioptics have changed their lives!
We tried several aids for our son and even demonstrated the electronic virtual reality glasses, but they were bulky, too expensive and he didn’t like wearing them! Ocutech provided a perfect solution for our 12 year old with low vision. They are lightweight, his friends can see his eyes, and more importantly he can see his teacher and the board in the front of the classroom. He might even be able to drive with them one day! Thanks Ocutech! You’ve brightened our lives!Cynthia Merritt

So thankful! I am 29, and due to my Albinism, I am legally blind since birth, but yesterday I did something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do! I got a permit!!! I am so thankful for my bioptic glasses and Ocutech! My life is being completely changed by this opportunity! I am on my way to Independence thanks to my bioptic VES Sport that allows me to see 20/20 🙂

- Jessica Cribb

What Ocutech Users and Prescribers tell us!

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Uses Falcon Autofocus EVERYDAY!

I’ve been using my Ves Falcon auto-focus for about a month now and so far the experience has been great. I use it for walking around outside, doing work on my computer, and many other things and so far it really can’t be beaten.

Seth Painter Ocutech Patient

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VES-Falcon Autofocus helps people connect again!

One of my patients described being able to find the right flavor of crackers in the grocery aisle with ease for the first time in many years.

This was an important goal for him because he wanted to be able to find the exact kind he wanted without asking his wife. He wanted to go down one aisle while she went down another.

Looking at expressions on faces across the room or across the dinner table is described as “really connecting” with another person again, and “the first time I have seen their faces while eating together in many years.”

Dr. Patti Fuhr

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Happily Driving with 4x Sport

Dr. Brett Mills called today to say he has received his order and telescope.  He is driving with the 4x right and loves it.  He kept saying how awesome you guys were over and over and to make sure that I tell the rest of the Ocutech team! I could tell he was smiling and laughing and just happy about the SPORT he was wearing.  Just wanted you to know.

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Nature Lover Can See Favorite Animals Again

My 88-year-old mother has AMD and just had to give up driving. She also told me she could no longer see the deer or her favorite red fox at the edge of the woods on her large wooded property. She also mentioned that she was concerned that she may not see the coyotes when she let her little Maggie May outdoors.  Thanks to her glasses, I think she will be so happy to see the animals and keep her doggie safe. One less thing for her to worry about. 

Lynne Noon

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Great Product and Customer Service

Hi Cindy,

Thanks again for your assistance today!

The product your team has is wonderful for helping me stay active and working.

Thanks again for the effort you and the team make to help many like myself continue on a productive path.

Have yourself a wonderful week.

Terry Satisfied Ocutech Patient

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Works Better than at Demo!

I just dispensed the Ocutech autofocus bioptic to my patient who works at Walmart. I followed all your fitting tips and it worked great.- she is so happy with it and it works even better than it did with the demonstration. Her acuity is 20/200 to 20/250 and she is able to read 20/30 at distance and 20/25 at 25 cm with the telescope.

Dr. Katelyn Jordan Optometrist and Manager Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Low Vision

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Low Vision Specialist look to Ocutech for innovative bioptic systems

As a low vision provider, I look to Ocutech for their innovative bioptic systems. Ocutech products have provided many of my patients the ability to drive, read music, enjoy nature, and recognize faces. The field-of-view and quality optics in addition to their lightweight and high quality materials, have made Ocutech a favorite among my patients. Whether for vocational, academic, or personal use; Ocutech products have allowed my patients to regain and maintain their independence. I am excited for the release of the autofocus bioptic as it will truly provide my patients with a hand-free option that will allow for a more seamless transition from distance to near.

Andrea Smith-Gray, OD, FAAO Director of Vision Rehabilitation

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Changing the lives of two brothers!

Yesterday I dispensed the Sport bioptics to two brothers.  It went very well.  One actually read 20/20, the other 20/40+.  I’ve got lots of pictures and a short video that will show up on social media soon.

Thanks again to Ocutech for all your help.  I think that we have helped two very deserving young men with bright futures ahead of them.  These bioptics may be life changing and open doors not otherwise possible.


Dr. David Armstrong, Virginia

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In college and driving, too!

Hello! How are you doing? I wanted to check in and let you know that Mack is now a freshman at UNC, Chapel Hill.
He is happily driving in his Ocutech Bioptics. He just drove from UNC to Virginia Tech and back.
Thanks for all you do.

M. Despard, North Carolina

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Ocutech is helping folks in India!

Dear doctor!
Greetings from Jay Kris from India S/O of Joseph Thomas. Thank you so much doctor for suggesting Ocutech and specifications of the glasses forthwith. Now I am able to independently follow my lectures at ease.  What a difference!
Thanking you doctor
Jay Kris 
S/O Joseph Thomas 

Jay Kris, Hyderabad, India

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