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We tried several aids for our son and even demonstrated the electronic virtual reality glasses, but they were bulky, too expensive and he didn’t like wearing them! Ocutech provided a perfect solution for our 12 year old with low vision. They are lightweight, his friends can see his eyes, and more importantly he can see his teacher and the board in the front of the classroom. He might even be able to drive with them one day! Thanks Ocutech! You’ve brightened our lives!Cynthia Merritt

What Ocutech Users and Prescribers tell us!

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Pickens Sentinel
By D. C. Moody –

Thanks to a technological advance by a company in Chapel Hill, N.C., Gail Black has found a new lease on life.

For two weeks now Black has been using the Ocutech Sport, a futuristic looking piece of equipment that attaches to the frames of glasses, and she is ready to go back to the life she enjoyed before that March day five years ago.

“It feels absolutely amazing! It felt like an absolute miracle because it was miraculous I could see clearly,” she says of the day she first used the Ocutech. “Just to be able to see scenery, the highway, the signs, and know where I was that day driving back from Asheville was a miracle to me. I can see again and to know who I am talking to is absolutely wonderful.

April 9, 2016

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I have really adjusted to my new Ocutech VES 6x power, so much so that when the rabbit came out form the end of the row while I was mowing with the tractor the other day, I was not only able to catch the movement but was able to stop the tractor and watch as he sat there and scolded me for interrupting his peace, and that at about 200 feet away!  What a pleasure!  Thanks! I tend about 7 acres in grass and crops and have no trouble seeing with precision things like crop condition (bugs, nutrition) on the fly while operating the tractor, Very cool.

FYI, I am now a legal BTL (Bioptic Telescopic Lens) driver in Virginia.  My telescope of choice is my Ocutech VES-Mini 3x that you also built for me.  I am certain that I am seeing in difficult situations, fog, sun and rain, better than the average driver.

There’s not much else to say except THANKS, and I’d be happy to consult with anyone who might like to have a user’s perspective.  I do have some experience with other devices, but Ocutech is far and away the only practical, robust, and least intrusive solution out there.

TG, Maryland February 27, 2018

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I picked up the Ocutech glasses today.  So far I am very happy with them.  They work well for reading printed material and small text on the TV.  The optics have a nice high contrast (deep blacks) and the image is really sharp.  They are also light weight enough and out of the way enough I can forget they are on.  I stopped at Panera on the way home.  They have the menu posted behind the counter.  I can read the main menu items but not the smaller font comments below the items.  The Ocutech glasses work really well for reading my cell phone screen without having to zoom.

Yes I am using the Ocutech to see my cell phone through the scope.  The Ocutech can focus down to about 7″.  I am using it with the cell phone at about 20″ away.

I was concerned tipping my head down to read for long periods might be a problem but so far it is fairly comfortable.  I normally use +14 diopter COIL reading glasses and hold the phone about 3 inches away to use my cell phone but I still often have to use the zoom feature on the phone to read smaller text.  With the Ocutech scope I can have the phone at about 20″ away and read even small text on the phone with no issue (nice and clear).  My wife was impressed and said it made me look farsighted with the phone so far away.  It is working out really well.

D. Monthei, Portland, Oregon February 27, 2018

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Once again, as I think about exciting developments in Low Vision prescribing over the past 20 years – one of the most exciting and memorable for me was the day I unpacked my Ocutech SPORT.  The opportunities your new VES Sport opens up for our patients are truly remarkable. This week, I ordered two new VES Sports and another is awaiting a patient’s decision – and I just felt compelled to THANK YOU all for the magnificent work you do that allows us to improve the lives of persons afflicted with permanent vision loss.  What a difference you make!!

What you provide us is so significant to our ability to accomplish our mission.  I just wanted you to know how important you are to our success.  Each time we meet the challenges our patients bring to us – each one of you at Ocutech are right there with us; it’s an honor to have you at our side.

John D. Coalter, O.D Former Clinical Director at Deicke House September 3, 2015

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I still get a lump in my throat when I see someone across the room that I haven’t seen in years.

George W Myers September 3, 2015

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I’ve been very happy with the SightScope and patient acceptance is excellent. I also want to commend your team on customer service … it’s outstanding.

Dr. Edward Paul April 9, 2016

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Yesterday I dispensed the Sport bioptics to two brothers.  It went very well.  One actually read 20/20, the other 20/40+.  I’ve got lots of pictures and a short video that will show up on social media soon.

Thanks again to Ocutech for all your help.  I think that we have helped two very deserving young men with bright futures ahead of them.  These bioptics may be life changing and open doors not otherwise possible.


Dr. David Armstrong, Virginia February 27, 2018