Low Vision Specialist look to Ocutech for innovative bioptic systems

Sarah Lovejoy

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As a low vision provider, I look to Ocutech for their innovative bioptic systems. Ocutech products have provided many of my patients the ability to drive, read music, enjoy nature, and recognize faces. The field-of-view and quality optics in addition to their lightweight and high quality materials, have made Ocutech a favorite among my patients. Whether for vocational, academic, or personal use; Ocutech products have allowed my patients to regain and maintain their independence. I am excited for the release of the autofocus bioptic as it will truly provide my patients with a hand-free option that will allow for a more seamless transition from distance to near.

Andrea Smith-Gray, OD, FAAO Director of Vision Rehabilitation University of Louisville Physicians, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences July 19, 2018