Tears of Joy!

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My first experience with the new 4x Falcon autofocus bioptic telescope brought tears to my eyes– tears of joy. It has been only a dream for so many years, for patients, and for prescribers, and now it’s here!  It provides a seamless transition in focus from 13 inches to optical infinity and anywhere in between. Since is an autofocus OPTICAL system, it feels like normal vision magnified through a telescope. It is much more natural than any of the head borne video magnification systems. It helps people feel more connected to the world beyond the limitations of their visual impairment.  The Falcon is astonishingly easy to fit and prescribe.  The cost is very competitive to that of the head borne video systems, and it’s so much better!  Ocutech continues to bring great advances in technology to the practice of low vision rehabilitation, concentrating on the so important area of distance vision enhancement.

Patti Fuhr, OD, FAAO Low Vision Specialist Falcon Autofocus Bioptic July 25, 2019