I even saw the rabbit at the end of the row!

Henry Greene, OD, FAAO

I even saw the rabbit at the end of the row!
February 27, 2018

I have really adjusted to my new Ocutech VES 6x power, so much so that when the rabbit came out form the end of the row while I was mowing with the tractor the other day, I was not only able to catch the movement but was able to stop the tractor and watch as he sat there and scolded me for interrupting his peace, and that at about 200 feet away!  What a pleasure!  Thanks! I tend about 7 acres in grass and crops and have no trouble seeing with precision things like crop condition (bugs, nutrition) on the fly while operating the tractor, Very cool.

FYI, I am now a legal BTL (Bioptic Telescopic Lens) driver in Virginia.  My telescope of choice is my Ocutech VES-Mini 3x that you also built for me.  I am certain that I am seeing in difficult situations, fog, sun and rain, better than the average driver.

There’s not much else to say except THANKS, and I’d be happy to consult with anyone who might like to have a user’s perspective.  I do have some experience with other devices, but Ocutech is far and away the only practical, robust, and least intrusive solution out there.