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I particularly like the clip on feature, as I require a red tint on the 4x reading glasses I use & other products don’t appear to have this feature. I was a professional photographer, so I appreciate your quality optics. Thanks!

Paul Chauncey April 21, 2020

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Love the device. It is great to be able to see more clearly.

Tyler Newhouse April 21, 2020

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The ocutech devices ( I have 3 ) allow me to live my live fairly normal. I even use them to play golf. Without them I would never be allowed to drive my car. Thank you Ocutech

Harry Monk April 21, 2020

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My first experience with the new 4x Falcon autofocus bioptic telescope brought tears to my eyes– tears of joy. It has been only a dream for so many years, for patients, and for prescribers, and now it’s here!  It provides a seamless transition in focus from 13 inches to optical infinity and anywhere in between. Since is an autofocus OPTICAL system, it feels like normal vision magnified through a telescope. It is much more natural than any of the head borne video magnification systems. It helps people feel more connected to the world beyond the limitations of their visual impairment.  The Falcon is astonishingly easy to fit and prescribe.  The cost is very competitive to that of the head borne video systems, and it’s so much better!  Ocutech continues to bring great advances in technology to the practice of low vision rehabilitation, concentrating on the so important area of distance vision enhancement.

Patti Fuhr, OD, FAAO Low Vision Specialist Falcon Autofocus Bioptic July 25, 2019

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I’ve been using my Ves Falcon auto-focus for about a month now and so far the experience has been great. I use it for walking around outside, doing work on my computer, and many other things and so far it really can’t be beaten.

Seth Painter Ocutech Patient VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic July 15, 2019

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One of my patients described being able to find the right flavor of crackers in the grocery aisle with ease for the first time in many years.

This was an important goal for him because he wanted to be able to find the exact kind he wanted without asking his wife. He wanted to go down one aisle while she went down another.

Looking at expressions on faces across the room or across the dinner table is described as “really connecting” with another person again, and “the first time I have seen their faces while eating together in many years.”

Dr. Patti Fuhr July 15, 2019

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Dr. Brett Mills called today to say he has received his order and telescope.  He is driving with the 4x right and loves it.  He kept saying how awesome you guys were over and over and to make sure that I tell the rest of the Ocutech team! I could tell he was smiling and laughing and just happy about the SPORT he was wearing.  Just wanted you to know.

July 15, 2019

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My 88-year-old mother has AMD and just had to give up driving. She also told me she could no longer see the deer or her favorite red fox at the edge of the woods on her large wooded property. She also mentioned that she was concerned that she may not see the coyotes when she let her little Maggie May outdoors.  Thanks to her glasses, I think she will be so happy to see the animals and keep her doggie safe. One less thing for her to worry about. 

Lynne Noon July 15, 2019

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Hi Cindy,

Thanks again for your assistance today!

The product your team has is wonderful for helping me stay active and working.

Thanks again for the effort you and the team make to help many like myself continue on a productive path.

Have yourself a wonderful week.

Terry Satisfied Ocutech Patient July 15, 2019

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I just dispensed the Ocutech autofocus bioptic to my patient who works at Walmart. I followed all your fitting tips and it worked great.- she is so happy with it and it works even better than it did with the demonstration. Her acuity is 20/200 to 20/250 and she is able to read 20/30 at distance and 20/25 at 25 cm with the telescope.

Dr. Katelyn Jordan Optometrist and Manager Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Low Vision VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic July 15, 2019

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As a low vision provider, I look to Ocutech for their innovative bioptic systems. Ocutech products have provided many of my patients the ability to drive, read music, enjoy nature, and recognize faces. The field-of-view and quality optics in addition to their lightweight and high quality materials, have made Ocutech a favorite among my patients. Whether for vocational, academic, or personal use; Ocutech products have allowed my patients to regain and maintain their independence. I am excited for the release of the autofocus bioptic as it will truly provide my patients with a hand-free option that will allow for a more seamless transition from distance to near.

Andrea Smith-Gray, OD, FAAO Director of Vision Rehabilitation University of Louisville Physicians, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences July 19, 2018

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Yesterday I dispensed the Sport bioptics to two brothers.  It went very well.  One actually read 20/20, the other 20/40+.  I’ve got lots of pictures and a short video that will show up on social media soon.

Thanks again to Ocutech for all your help.  I think that we have helped two very deserving young men with bright futures ahead of them.  These bioptics may be life changing and open doors not otherwise possible.


Dr. David Armstrong, Virginia February 27, 2018

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Hello! How are you doing? I wanted to check in and let you know that Mack is now a freshman at UNC, Chapel Hill.
He is happily driving in his Ocutech Bioptics. He just drove from UNC to Virginia Tech and back.
Thanks for all you do.

M. Despard, North Carolina February 27, 2018

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Dear doctor!
Greetings from Jay Kris from India S/O of Joseph Thomas. Thank you so much doctor for suggesting Ocutech and specifications of the glasses forthwith. Now I am able to independently follow my lectures at ease.  What a difference!
Thanking you doctor
Jay Kris 
S/O Joseph Thomas 

Jay Kris, Hyderabad, India February 27, 2018

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I have really adjusted to my new Ocutech VES 6x power, so much so that when the rabbit came out form the end of the row while I was mowing with the tractor the other day, I was not only able to catch the movement but was able to stop the tractor and watch as he sat there and scolded me for interrupting his peace, and that at about 200 feet away!  What a pleasure!  Thanks! I tend about 7 acres in grass and crops and have no trouble seeing with precision things like crop condition (bugs, nutrition) on the fly while operating the tractor, Very cool.

FYI, I am now a legal BTL (Bioptic Telescopic Lens) driver in Virginia.  My telescope of choice is my Ocutech VES-Mini 3x that you also built for me.  I am certain that I am seeing in difficult situations, fog, sun and rain, better than the average driver.

There’s not much else to say except THANKS, and I’d be happy to consult with anyone who might like to have a user’s perspective.  I do have some experience with other devices, but Ocutech is far and away the only practical, robust, and least intrusive solution out there.

TG, Maryland February 27, 2018

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I picked up the Ocutech glasses today.  So far I am very happy with them.  They work well for reading printed material and small text on the TV.  The optics have a nice high contrast (deep blacks) and the image is really sharp.  They are also light weight enough and out of the way enough I can forget they are on.  I stopped at Panera on the way home.  They have the menu posted behind the counter.  I can read the main menu items but not the smaller font comments below the items.  The Ocutech glasses work really well for reading my cell phone screen without having to zoom.

Yes I am using the Ocutech to see my cell phone through the scope.  The Ocutech can focus down to about 7″.  I am using it with the cell phone at about 20″ away.

I was concerned tipping my head down to read for long periods might be a problem but so far it is fairly comfortable.  I normally use +14 diopter COIL reading glasses and hold the phone about 3 inches away to use my cell phone but I still often have to use the zoom feature on the phone to read smaller text.  With the Ocutech scope I can have the phone at about 20″ away and read even small text on the phone with no issue (nice and clear).  My wife was impressed and said it made me look farsighted with the phone so far away.  It is working out really well.

D. Monthei, Portland, Oregon February 27, 2018

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I’ve been very happy with the SightScope and patient acceptance is excellent. I also want to commend your team on customer service … it’s outstanding.

Dr. Edward Paul April 9, 2016

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Pickens Sentinel
By D. C. Moody –

Thanks to a technological advance by a company in Chapel Hill, N.C., Gail Black has found a new lease on life.

For two weeks now Black has been using the Ocutech Sport, a futuristic looking piece of equipment that attaches to the frames of glasses, and she is ready to go back to the life she enjoyed before that March day five years ago.

“It feels absolutely amazing! It felt like an absolute miracle because it was miraculous I could see clearly,” she says of the day she first used the Ocutech. “Just to be able to see scenery, the highway, the signs, and know where I was that day driving back from Asheville was a miracle to me. I can see again and to know who I am talking to is absolutely wonderful.

April 9, 2016

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It has helped me when reading/watching the following:
A. Video presentation
B. Road/public/commercial signs
C. Far distance watching (movies and nature seeing)

Marlon Rosario April 9, 2016

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My bioptic helped me a lot in work, especially with presentations. My job involves data analysis so I am exposed to a massive amount of data that requires sophisticated visual skills to master- with the help of my Ocutech bioptic, I was able to perform my tasks without a problem.

Kevin Clark Madriaga April 9, 2016

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I used my sightscope when I was taking my review for the real estate brokers licensure board exam. The exam was held last February 2016, and luckily I passed. 🙂

Joanne May Ruiz April 9, 2016

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My Ocutech bioptic has been such a great help to me at school when I was studying and now at work. I am working full-time as a Receptionist and I do a lot of clerical tasks that require me to read a lot and my device has been really a big help for me to do my job well. What I love the most in this device is that I don’t need to use a hand-held magnifier or any other device to aid my reading because my VES-Sport has a wonderful feature that allows me to read/see distant objects as well as nearby ones like when reading notes and using computers or gadgets.

Karina Fuentes April 9, 2016

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We just received the new Explorer bioptic. What a beautiful telescope!!  Thank you for my sample – I’m sure we will prescribe a lot of them. And, I’ll order another sample for my other office.

Good job and thanks!

Dr. Lynne Noon, Diplomate in Low Vision Rehabilitation, Phoenix, Arizona March 24, 2016

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I hope you are doing well ? My colleagues and I have been working with your different telescopes for the last year with our low vision patients and we have had great success !
Thank you very much! Have a great day !

Dr. Vincent Moore, QC, Canada November 13, 2015

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My daughter was born with albinism which caused her to be legally blind. Her best “corrected” (with glasses) vision was 20/200. Although she attended public school, she just couldn’t see anything in the classroom unless it was a couple of inches from her face. When she was entering the 5th grade we found out about Ocutech and the Bioptic Lenses. When she returned to school after the Christmas break that year, she was a new student!!! Her grades went from C’s to A’s and her enthusiasm for learning shot through the roof!! She’s finishing the 7th grade and is in the academically gifted program at her school. My daughter loves the vision that the Bioptic Lenses bring to her. She’s 13 years old and wishes she didn’t need to wear something this big on her face but the vision that she has with these glasses is worth the price of wearing them. Thank you so much…!

Susan Evans September 3, 2015

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I just wanted to tell you I spent the weekend auditioning for a new singing show on NBC called “The Voice”. I was wearing my pink VES Sport in the line of thousands of auditioners and was the talk of the day! I got to tell hundreds of people all about Ocutech and what it does to help me as people would stop me and ask (or stare). Then, after my audition, a producer took me aside and had me do an on camera interview wearing the bioptics. (Too bad I found out this morning that I didn’t make the show after all of that)!! I was hoping I would be able to tell you I made it and would be on NBC promoting Ocutech!! Oh well, I will try again.

Jessica Pelle' September 3, 2015

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I still get a lump in my throat when I see someone across the room that I haven’t seen in years.

George W Myers September 3, 2015

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I prefer the Ocutech Mini as a bioptic for driving because it combines the wide field of a Keplerian with the small physical dimensions that makes the transition to and from the carrier easier. The patients like it for being less conspicuous than other telescopes.

Dr. Eli Peli Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School Senior Scientist, Moakley Scholar in Aging Eye Research, Schepens Eye Research Institute September 3, 2015

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Once again, as I think about exciting developments in Low Vision prescribing over the past 20 years – one of the most exciting and memorable for me was the day I unpacked my Ocutech SPORT.  The opportunities your new VES Sport opens up for our patients are truly remarkable. This week, I ordered two new VES Sports and another is awaiting a patient’s decision – and I just felt compelled to THANK YOU all for the magnificent work you do that allows us to improve the lives of persons afflicted with permanent vision loss.  What a difference you make!!

What you provide us is so significant to our ability to accomplish our mission.  I just wanted you to know how important you are to our success.  Each time we meet the challenges our patients bring to us – each one of you at Ocutech are right there with us; it’s an honor to have you at our side.

John D. Coalter, O.D Former Clinical Director at Deicke House September 3, 2015

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I have allowed several patients to experience the benefits of the Sport model. A particularly gifted patient, a world renowned psychologist, practitioner and educator was able to resume painting and piano–his retirement avocations. His wife was in tears as she spoke of the return of piano music to their home-especially during the holidays. You do change and enhance lives-Thank you.

Dr. Douglas G Smith Optometric Physician, Bison Vision Center September 3, 2015