Locating What You Want To See

Looking straight ahead under the Ocutech VES Bioptic.

Looking straight ahead under the Ocutech Bioptic.

Since the field of view through the VES is narrow, like a tunnel or a keyhole, it can at first be challenging to find what you want to see. To be successful, one must first look with your “normal” vision through the regular eyeglass lenses, aiming directly at the object you want to see better. While looking directly at the target, slowly dip your head down, and look into the eyepiece of the VES. With practice you should be able to switch between your normal vision and the telescope image quickly and accurately. Practice this at home while looking at objects on walls, faces of family, or the TV, until it becomes natural and you can do it easily. With time you can learn to ignore the tunnel field of view.

Dipping the head down to look through the Ocutech VES Bioptic.

Dipping the head down to look through the Ocutech Bioptic.


Looking At Close Objects

Looking at closer objects can be more challenging due both to the narrow field of view and the visual mismatch produced by the VES. To learn to find and touch objects within your arm’s range, first find the object in the VES field of view, and while looking at it, pass your upraised finger across the field of view several inches in front of the target. Once you can see both your finger and the target at the same time, watch your finger as it moves in to touch it. You MUST watch your finger while looking through the telescope to learn to do this. A convenient technique is to practice this while trying to touch the buttons on a telephone keypad.

Setting the Telescope Focus

Manual focus systems are adjusted by turning the central focusing knob right or left which will correct for both the refractive error of the user and also for the working distance of the target.

Eyepiece corrections are rarely needed as the telescopes are designed to correct for refractive errors between +12 to -12D. Astigmatic corrections are usually not required for powers below 3D cylinder.

Focusing manual focus-VES systems.

Focusing manual focus-VES systems.

Focus knob for VES-Mini.

Focus knob for VES-Mini.