An Ocutech Product

Ocutech VES explorer

Product Description

The Ocutech VES-Explorer manual focus bioptic telescope, available in 3x and 4x powers, offers Ocutech’s wide field-of-view Keplerian optics. As with all of Ocutech’s VES products, its small, lightweight (less than an ounce!) and comfortable design provides edge-to-edge image sharpness. Appealing to both children and adults, its light weight makes the Explorer comfortable to be worn all day long! It is ideal for moderate vision loss of 20/200 or better and comes complete with Ocutech’s custom designed metal frames available in a range of styles, colors and sizes (even pediatric).

Feature List

  • Available in;
    • 3x, 14.0 degrees
    • 4x, 12.5 degrees
  • Ideal for moderate vision loss of 20/200 or better
  • Wide field-of-view Keplerian optics provide edge-to-edge image sharpness
  • Hi-Tech design and 5 color choices
  • Focus to any distance
  • Focusing covers Rx from +/- 10D
  • Eyepiece corrections for high spherical and cylinder prescriptions
  • Light weight (less than an ounce!) and comfortable to wear
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Fits all Ocutech metal frames including pediatric sizes
  • Slip-behind sunfilters
  • NOIR slotted wrap-around sunfilters
Size comparison of Ocutech Sport (top) and Ocutech Explorer (bottom)

Ocutech VES-Explorer is small and lightweight and provides very wide fields of view. Great for kids of all ages!


Ocutech VES Explorer color options

Available Accessories

Slip-Behind Sun Filters for ocutech metal frames. From top to bottom: Grey, Brown, Blueblocker, Yellow