An Ocutech Product

The VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic

Ocutech’s new VES-Falcon Autofocus Bioptic Telescope, is the next generation of the world’s only autofocusing bioptic!

Using state-of-the-art time-of-flight technology, the Falcon, in development and testing for six years, provides the most natural and easy-to-use telescopic vision possible for visually impaired individuals. Wherever you look, the image will be clear immediately, just like normal vision. Its parallax corrected Keplerian optical systems provide exceptional image clarity and brightness, and its modern, lightweight ergonomic and fully adjustable design can provide relaxed, comfortable viewing. It is designed to be easy for the low vision specialist to fit, demonstrate and prescribe. Connected to a rechargeable battery with a USB-C cable, the Falcon will operate for approximately 8 hours on a single charge!The VES-Falcon, available in 3 powers, is indicated for individuals with moderate vision loss of 20/300 (6/90) or better.

Feature List

  • The most natural magnified vision possible!
    • Hands-free clear vision wherever you look!
    • Immediately focuses to almost any distance!
  • Bright, crisp, wide-field Keplerian Optical Systems!
    • 3x (15 degree field of view) focuses to 13″ (0.3m)
    • 4x (12.5 degree field of view) focuses to 13″ (0.3m)
    • 5.5x (9.5 degree field of view) focuses to 15″ (0.38m)
  • Hi-tech design in black or silver case colors
  • Focusable eyepiece covers prescriptions to +/- 8D
  • Custom eyepiece corrections for high spherical and cylinder prescriptions
  • Operates about 8 hours using its separate rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
    • Weighs only 3.2 ounces (90 gm)
  • Snap-on filter caps available
  • Slip-behind Sunfilters in 4 color options
  • Easy to demonstrate, fit and prescribe
  • Intended for moderate vision loss of 20/300 (6/90) or better

Available Accessories

Falcon with the optional Clip-on Filter Cap attached. Available in all standard Ocutech Filter colors.

Slip-Behind Sun Filters for Ocutech Metal Frames: From top to bottom: Red, Gray, Brown, Blueblocker, Yellow

The USB Battery will operate the Falcon for 8 hours. Spare batteries are available for purchase.