An Ocutech Product

the Ocutech vES K

Product Description

The Ocutech VES-K manual focus Keplerian bioptic telescope, available in 3x and 4x powers, offers Ocutech’s wide-field Keplerian optics. As with all of Ocutech’s VES products, its small, lightweight and comfortable design provides edge-to-edge image sharpness. Patients can wear the Ocutech VES-K all day long. It is ideal for moderate vision loss of 20/200 or better.

Details & Features

  • Available in 3x & 4x powers
    • 3x, 14.0 degrees
    • 4x, 12.5 degrees
  • Wide field-of-view Keplerian optics provide edge-to-edge image sharpness
  • Round eyepiece provides easy viewing
  • Focus to any distance
  • Focusing covers Rx from +/- 10D
  • Eyepiece corrections for high spherical and cylinder prescriptions
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Slip-behind sunfilters
  • NOIR slotted wrap-around sunfilters