What are bioptic telescopes?

How Do They Help?

Bioptic telescopes are like miniature binoculars that help the visually impaired see more clearly.

Bioptic telescopes are attached to regular eyeglasses and can be prescribed for one or both eyes. Just like binoculars, they make images larger and as a resulteasier to see. Users say that everything looks closer—which is exactly right, however the  benefit is that it enables the user to see much further away. For example, if an individual can only see clearly to 5 feet away, a 4x-power Ocutech bioptic will let them see 20 feet away!
  • Individuals with reduced central vision between 20/60 to 20/300 (6/18 to 6/90)
  • Individuals living with tunnel vision wider than 5 degrees diameter
  • Individuals with reduced vision from disorders including:

Why improve distance vision?

Distance vision is an important social sense that allows us to make eye contact, read body language, and feel connected to the world around us. Loss of distance vision impacts independence and can make one feel isolated and depressed. Studies have shown that reduced distance vision can significantly impact quality of life.

What can Ocutech Bioptics help me do?

Seeing at a distance

Ocutech Bioptics are especially helpful for viewing television, movies and theater, seeing faces, signs, blackboards in school, shopping, and traveling. Ocutech wearers have even used their bioptics to hike, golf, bowl, paint, fish, drive tractors and mow the lawn. Most states in the U.S. and some countries will license eligible visually impaired individuals to drive while using a bioptic telescope.

Seeing at near

Bioptics can also help you to see at near and mid-range distances. By using Ocutech’s Falcon Autofocus Bioptic – the world’s only self-focusing bioptic – or by focusing manually or using near-focus attachments for the SightScope, Ocutech bioptics can provide easy-to-use magnification to help you see board and card games, read the computer, play music, as well as many other activities.