Ocutech bioptics can help you see better, stay connected to those around you, and maybe even let you drive!

Ocutech wearers tell us, "They've changed my life!"

What are bioptics?

Learn how bioptic telescopes can help you see and do things you may have never thought possible. Maybe even drive! Ocutech bioptics can change your life!

Can bioptics help me?

Individuals of all ages with eye conditions that reduce central vision can benefit from bioptic telescopes. Find out if bioptics are right for you, a friend, or family member.

How do I get an Ocutech bioptic?

Ocutech bioptics are prescribed by low vision specialists throughout the world. Visit your low vision specalist or contact Ocutech for a referral.

Use Ocutech Bioptics to SEE the BEST you CAN!
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Ocutech bioptics have helped individuals with the following eye conditions:

Bioptic telescopes can help individuals with reduced central vision.

Do you have Albinism?

Read more about Albinism and how bioptics can help in the classroom, at work or even to drive!

Read more about albinism and how bioptics can help.

Experience enhanced vision using our bioptic simulator!

Interact with our simulator

Ocutech has developed a special simulator that demonstrates how a bioptic telescope can help individuals with low vision. It includes four different activities— at home in the kitchen, visiting the market and coffee shop, driving, and the classroom. With Ocutech's bioptic telescopic glasses, engaging in everyday activities will be easier or perhaps even a possibility for the first time!


Ocutech bioptics can open your world to new opportunities and possibilities!


Ocutech bioptics have helped thousands all over the world see the best they can!


Ocutech Wearers and Prescribers Say It Best!

His wife was in tears as she spoke of the return of piano music to their home!

I have allowed several patients to experience the benefits of the Sport model. A particularly gifted patient, a world renowned psychologist, practitioner and educator was able to resume painting and piano–his retirement avocations. His wife was in tears as she spoke of the return of piano music to their home-especially during the holidays. You do Continue Reading

Dr. Douglas G Smith Optometric Physician, Bison Vision Center

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